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Chinese (Mandarin)

Wikibooks contributors

Published: 2006

Chinese (mandarin) Wikibook - A free chinese course for beginnersA free chinese course for beginners

eBook Contents

Introduction (About Chinese, How to use this textbook, How to study Chinese) - Pronunciation (Pinyin Pronunciation Basics, Pronunciation of Initials, Pronunciation of Finals, possible Initial-Final Combinations, Using Tones) - Lessons (Lesson 1: Hello!, Lesson 2: Are you busy today?, lesson 3: An introduction to particles, Lesson 4: Word order and Verbs, Lesson 5: Measure words, lesson 6: More on interrogatives, Lesson 7: What's this?)

Wikibooks Edition

eBook License: Creative Commons

Free eBook to download in PDF format - 272 Kb - 34 pages